The Company

For over 10 years, Multi Media Exposure (MME) has worked with companies to ensure they thrive in the lucrative and ever-changing TV retailing marketplace. We are continuously adding to a successful track record that is unmatched in the industry.

A dynamic marketing and branding company, MME has partnered with companies of all sizes to capitalize on the $300 billion TV retailing industry that includes live retail channel appearances, as well as, direct response television, known as “infomericals.”

“The nature of interactive retail and the live TV medium require unique skills. MME’s background and experience in multi-channel retailing, their deep knowledge of multiple industries and capabilities in brand and business development make them a valued asset.”

Mindy Grossman- Current CEO of HSN

A Broad Range of TV Retailing Services for a Broad Range of Clients

HBO, Forsaken, Deborah Lippmann, Perlier, Intelliwhite, Beauty Biosciences, Coolway, Royal Treatment: these are just some of the clients who partner with MME to increase their brand recognition, sales and revenue.

MME manages all aspects of TV retailing, including:

  • Consulting and guiding new products that are innovative and groundbreaking.
  • Implanting a long-term branding and growth strategy focusing on TV and digital retailing, but also strategically diversifying into brick-and-mortar avenues.
  • Introducing well established brick-and-mortar brands to the world of direct response via infomercials, live TV, shopping networks and more.
  • Helping partners in developing a successful product and marketing strategy.
  • Helping build brand equity through retail diversification, as well as, educating the consumer/viewer with a direct and accurate brand messaging.

Within the Live TV environment, MME:

    • Coordinates shipping logistics and quality control.
    • Educates hosts and production teams.
    • Helps establish effective messaging and promotion for on-air shows.
    • Reviews on-air presentations and works to develop effective sales support tools.
    • Adjusts strategies to optimize results.
    • Works with the various teams within the network to help build a unified and message and brand awareness.

A Wealth of Experience — Behind and in Front of the Camera

MME is led by Skip Borghese who has more than 20 years of experience with live and taped direct response, including five years on QVC and on HSN since 1996. Skip was formerly a key contributor to the marketing and retailing of such popular brands as Perlier, Fendi Fragrances, Gale Hayman and La Perla Fragrances. In his current role as MME president, Skip has worked in establishing some of its clients to be the most successful lines in Live TV.

The Borghese family members are also on-air guests for these highly successful product lines:

      • Royal Treatment Italian Pet Spa. A prestigious line of organic-based grooming products and natural dog treats created by Lorenzo Borghese.
      • Casa di Francesca. A home fragrance collection created by Katie Borghese.
      • Princess Amanda.  A fashion jewelry line designed by Amanda Borghese.
      • Perlier Luxury Italian Bath and Body and Skin-care Line. Skip helps manage Perlier’s business in the USA. He and his mother Amanda will be celebrating 21 years as the on-air spokespeople for this popular Italian line in November 2012.  Today, Perlier is one of the largest volume generating bath & body lines on Live TV.

“MME is a company that best exemplifies every professional quality HSN and a client would look for in seeking an Agent to represent them in a Live TV medium. Their background as traditional retailers for some of the most upscale and exclusive cosmetic and fragrance brands in the world, as well as, their complete understanding of live TV retailing, makes them ideal business partners. MME is unlike most partners we have at HSN in the respect that not only do Skip and Amanda appear on TV, but they also act as agents and have successfully managed other brands both on Direct & Live TV, as well as, traditional brick & mortar department & specialty stores.”

Robert J. Rosenblatt- Former PRESIDENT of HSN

Retail Services That are Agile and Unique

Depending on your TV retailing needs, MME can create a customized package of services that includes any or all of the following:

Branding services.  MME has established a long and successful track record of enhancing our clients’ brands and increasing sales through TV retailing. Among our many brand strengths is our unique ability to analyze how the TV retailing platform can enhance brand values, integrity and sales in all retail channels.

Licensing and distribution. MME has created unique licensing and distribution agreements/opportunities with established brands that enable them to capitalize on lucrative TV retailing opportunities.  Among our licensing agreements and partnerships is Forsaken LLC, which brings to HSN a unique beauty program based on HBO’s hit series, True Blood.

Marketing and consulting.   Many of MME’s clients use our marketing and consulting resources to generate buzz, spur sales and deliver products in the dynamic TV retailing space.

“ MME has a unique understanding of brands and how those brands need to be represented in a unique retail format. Their attention to detail and execution is at the highest level.”

Mindy Grossman- Current CEO of HSN 


  • Long Term Brand Building
  • Launching Innovation
  • Licensing
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Infomercials
  • Brand Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Strategizing
  • Production Team Building
  • Product Analysis
  • Quality Control