Mary Jean Monk has worked at Multi Media Exposure (MME) for over six year having come to MME with over ten years’ experience in accounting and customer reporting.  A native of Bernardsville, NJ, MJ graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Service Management.   She worked in the Food Service Industry for over 20 years leading her to the position of General Manager at Service America with focus on the accounting side of the business.  She was also the Accounting Manager at CAG Design whose number one client at the time was M&M Mars.   Her knowledge of Accounting and Production led her to join MME in 2006.  She prides herself on making good productive relationships with all of MME’s clients and uses her accounting  and customer service skills making sure the financial element of the business runs productively.

When she is not at MME she is busy relaxing in the sun enjoying her free time with her family and friends.   Her true passion though is yoga, enjoying the opposition in working with numbers to the creative side of yoga practice.  She is a licensed yoga teacher having been practicing for over 11 years.  Practicing yoga allows MJ to continue to create a stronger body and mind which allows her to be a better person, patient, energetic and focused.  Her goal is always trying to seek balance whether it is at work, at home, or on the yoga mat.