Beauty Bioscience


Founded by the father-daughter team of Dr. Terry James and Jamie O’Banion, Beauty Bioscience is dedicated to providing Truth in Beauty™. After spending years helping develop cutting-edge technology and products for prominent cosmetics companies, Dr. James branched off with his daughter Jamie O’Banion, a model and marketing maven, to provide a highly edited performance skincare collection. Unlike the ‘dream in a bottle’ promises of the past, Dr. James and Jamie made a commitment to each other and their clients that products within the Beauty Bioscience family would work. Plain and simple – Beauty Bioscience products perform. When you use a product from Beauty Bioscience, you can expect to see results. Every product contains only the finest ingredients and most advanced proprietary technology. RetinoSyn-45 is without doubt the most effective anti-aging skincare system to date. Its results are unparalleled and Beauty Bioscience is proud to usher in a new era in the cosmetics world – one where the results truly speak for themselves.



Beauty Bio Science