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Works when your skin is biologically programmed to restore itself

Irena James Instructor of the Cosmetic Sciences program at UCLA Extension since 2007, Irena has educated generations of students, clients and industry peers on a variety of topics in cosmetic chemistry, skin physiology and cellular biology, cosmetic ingredients, skincare treatment protocols, and brand development. Irena is VP of Product Development at YG Laboratories and has been working as an educator and formulator, leading YG’s R&D team and Educational Department since 2002. Irena brings a unique perspective to the world of skincare, merging her expertise as a prolific product developer, skincare therapist, former Professor of Esthetics at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada, and Director of Business Development for Spa products and Esthetic Devices in the EU. Irena has lectured nationally and internationally and published dozens of articles in the professional skin care magazines’ trade and science journals, and popular beauty magazines including: New Beauty, Skin Inc. Dermascope’s Ingredient Column and Euro Cosmetics. She is also Cofounder & Partner of Evoté Beauty, a groundbreaking skincare line that maximizes our skin’s reparative potential during the nighttime and utilizes the scientific principles behind “beauty sleep” and our cell’s internal clock. As a current member and a former board member of Beauty Industry West and the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Irena remains dedicated to increasing awareness of modern advancements in the Cosmetic Sciences.

Nik James is President & Chairman of YG Laboratories, a private label skincare manufacturer & developer, and Co-founder of esteemed Evoté. As a third-generation entrepreneur in the beauty industry, Nik has keen insight into all aspects of skincare manufacturing, development and research. Growing up the grandson of Jean Dodd Haddad, YG’s Founder, and son to Rebecca Gadberry, the world’s most preeminent cosmetic ingredient expert, Nik naturally brings indispensable hands-on experience, intuitive know-how and real life experience to YG today. In addition to launching Evoté, Nik and YG Laboratories have helped many leading professional and boutique skincare brands go from start up to successful enterprise. Nik’s dedication to YG’s integrity, devoted work ethic and ability to move cutting edge technology into the marketplace successfully make him the industry authority in the world of skincare and beauty.

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